Modernity and Minimalism at the Little National Hotel

Little National Hotel has everything you need to thrive in downtown Sydney. Sitting on top of the existing Wynyard Train Station, Little National serves as a modern and sophisticated doorway to the city’s treasures. Luxury that is affordable, the compact rooms use space efficiency to ensure each guest is wrapped up in relaxation. A new landmark destination for the bustling city, the state-of-the-art building houses over 200 rooms. Each room is detailed with everything luxe, ensuring guests have great memories of the hotel upon departure.


Little National Hotel Sydney



Products Used

110 lengths

Little National Hotel Wb1

Adding to the chic feeling is the addition of 150 ‘Slimline Tile Insert’ grates, designed and manufactured by Lauxes Grates. A modern yet understated feature, the grates hold the large white tiles perfectly while providing essential water waste drainage. Pin-striped walls line the bathroom; the aluminum linear grates flowing well with the clean-cut feel. With no visible holes and an easy roll out cleaning feature, the grates were an easy drainage solution for the popular hotel.