Tugun’s ‘Pacific’ residence

Undoubtedly one of the Gold Coast’s most beautiful homes – Tugun’s ‘Pacific’ residence was recently voted no. 4 in the Courier Mail’s best 50 homes in QLD. The north-east facing four level beach house is nestled just meters away from the beach, tucked in a neighborhood that’s all about sun, surf and class. A house where opulence meets bohemian chic – Lauxes Grates slimline tile insert grates paired beautifully with the Moreton Island driftwood foundations and features of the $11 million house.


Builder (MacTech Constructions) Designer (Chris Clout Design) Tiler (Deluxe Tiling)



Tugun Wb1

With the marble and concrete tiles sitting nicely in the silk silver grates, water waste was controlled elegantly yet inconspicuously, both indoors and outdoors. With multiple ocean-facing balconies, 5 large bathrooms and an outdoor entertaining area housing an 8-metre-long glass edged pool, the linear aluminum grates were the perfect option in the eyes of the homeowner and the builders at MacTech Constructions.

Suitable drainage was crucial when planning the one-of-a-kind home with its structure basically hovering over the ocean. Lauxes Grates provided an aesthetic and versatile solution for the entire property and with a lifetime guarantee, the Lauxes grates will add that extra wow factor for many years to come.