The Secrets of Grate Office Design

What makes for grate office design? It’s simple –  excellent company culture begins with the office space! In the eastern end of Downtown Melbourne you will find the PGA Management’s newly leased office space,  designed and refurbished  by Kontract Design & Build. Teaming up with Inline Ceramics & Stone to create a bespoke office design, this impressive building has undergone substantial refurbishment works providing tenants with a modern, and efficient office building.


Inline Ceramics & Stone


MAY 2022

PGA Management Office Building

Working environments are no longer sterile and uninviting. The office entryway finds the perfect balance between a formal setting and a cozy setting with the use of beautiful cream terrazzo tiles paired with warm cream walls. Black window frames and doors create a modern and classic touch and the addition of armchairs, rug and throw pillows in the lobby provides an appealing place for relaxation on arrival.

Mixing up the textures in a bathroom can add character to the space without overwhelming the room; in this case multiple terrazzo tile variations,  marble basins and natural wood cabinets with jet black highlights, creating a modern scheme to create a balance between striking yet simple. 

There was a real sense of cohesion between the grates, tapware and joinery on this project.

Harry Gouskos – Director, Inline Ceramics & Stone

A designated space with locker room storage and bench seating with cubicle storage underneath has been created to secure personal belongings, change, and prepare for the workday ahead. This space is more reminiscent of a relaxing resort day spa rather than a sterile office space. It is here you will  find two private change rooms, toilet & showers featuring our award-winning Midnight Lauxes Grates to perfectly match the black tapware and black accents. “The Lauxes Grates work so well with a modern fit out as they come in black to match the rest of the tapware. We purchased 3 lengths of Lauxes Midnight Next Generation Grates from Wall Boulevard Pty Ltd – Tiles Of Tomorrow in Coburg. They are slim, functional and so easy to cut and install.”

With Lauxes floor grates there is no compromise on functionality or style when creating designer living spaces. Manufactured and developed using the best material and channel structure, a Lauxes grate will not only look good, but will last a lifetime. Made of anodized aluminum, the grates are a dream to work with for tilers, architects, and builders alike. 

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor commercial applications, the grates are perfect for any small or large-scale projects, including carparks, hotels, and public areas. Providing an elegant wastewater drainage solution, the corrosion-free grates handle water efficiently, in high or low traffic areas.

We certainly always recommend Lauxes Grates to all our commercial and residential builders. They are a superb product and compliment our tiling installations on each and every project.