Lauxes Grates in the Commercial Sector

All Lauxes Grates products have been created with durability, style, and practicality in mind. The perfect addition to any commercial project, our grates are easy to customize and install on site. Coming in a standard 18ft (5.6m), all grates can be cut into their desired lengths and with our accessories, joining or cutting grates has never been easier. Whether the grate is going around a rooftop pool or rather along the base of a commercial driveway, there are options to suit each application.

Manufactured and developed using the best material and channel structure, a Lauxes grate will not only look good, but will last a lifetime, doing the job it was designed for. Made of anodized aluminum, the grates are a dream to work with for tilers, architects, and builders alike. With standard, slotted grates and tile insert options available, there is something to suit your next commercial venture.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor commercial applications, the grates are suited for any small or large-scale projects, including carparks, hotels, and public areas. Providing an elegant wastewater drainage solution, the corrosion-free grates handle water efficiently, in high or low traffic areas.

When you choose Lauxes Grates, you choose style, practicability, and performance.

Apartment complexes

Did you know our grates can be customized on-site? Coming in a standard 18ft (5.6 meters), all Lauxes grates can be cut down or joined to suit any commercial area. With no pre attached waste outlets or accessories, customization and installation has never been easier. From high traffic outdoor spaces to indoor bathrooms, Lauxes grates are the practical yet elegant drainage solution your commercial property needs. Lauxes Grates are a popular choice for builders, tilers, architects, and customers alike!

Balcony Grate

From balconies to alfresco areas

Need a drainage solution for your commercial entertainment areas? Lauxes Grates have a range of aluminum linear grates to suit your property. Whether it’s a BBQ area, a large garden, rooftop pool or something in between, our grates provide a sleek and subtle solution to controlling wastewater run-off. Sitting pretty in any outdoor space, create an alfresco area that’s both welcoming and useful.

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Commercial Q&A's

Are Lauxes Grates Heel Safe?

All Lauxes Grates meet heel safe requirements as all openings are less than 5/16 (8mm).

What is the load rating of a Lauxes Grates?

Lauxes Grates have been independently load tested using a 4in x 4in (100mm x 100mm) steel plate to distribute the load, all styles of grate can handle a minimum load of 10 tons.

Do I need a Lauxes Representative to conduct a site visit for a measure and quote?

No, the length and the waste outlet position of all Lauxes Grates can be fully customized on site, negating the need for a representative to conduct a site visit. Our customizable grates allow for quick lead times and last minute changes to building plan saving you time and money.

What is the waterflow of a Lauxes Grate?

Whilst the waterflow rate of a Lauxes Grate is largely determined by the existing plumbing it is paired with please see table below for the flow rate of our various sized waste outlets.

DN40- 18 LPM
DN50- 24 LPM
DN72- 43 LPM
DN80 – 68 LPM