Lauxes Grates outdoors

Not just for your shower! The waterproof, corrosion free nature of Lauxes Grates products mean they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you’re wanting a practical and aesthetic drainage solution for around your pool, your outdoor entertainment area or even your driveway, Lauxes Grates have various styles and depths to suit.

Durable, affordable, and stylish, all grates come with a lifetime rustproof warranty, ensuring your grates are the suitable drainage solution for years to come. Designed and manufactured with anodized aluminum, the grates are protected rain, hail, or shine. Fully customizable, our 18ft (5.6m) linear grates can be joined or cut to your liking.

From swimming pools and spas

Who doesn’t love a swimming pool or spa in their backyard? Yep, no one! However, with that comes the all-important drainage that’s required. Our Lauxes grates are designed to withstand the outdoor elements and will easily drain all run off water. Your swimming pool is probably going to be one of your biggest investments so ensure you have the suitable drainage with Lauxes Grates.

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to landscaping and gardens

Got the perfect garden and outdoor area for entertaining? Let Lauxes Grates provide the essential wastewater drainage solution that is both functional and attractive. With several different styles and depths available, there’s something to suit every outdoor area! Let Lauxes Grates look after your gardens and patios!

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Frequently asked Q&As

How does the water drain if there is no fall in the bottom tray?

It drains normally, and the water runs to the grate via the fall in the recess area. The water then finds the hole and drains away.

Can I install around salt water?

Absolutely, as our grates are made from triple bath anodized aluminum this makes the grate rust free (and comes with a rustproof warranty!)

I need approx 15m of grate to go around my pool. Do you supply this length?

All our grates are manufactured in 19ft (5.8m) and sold in 18ft (5.6m). We supply 90° and 180°  corners/joiners to easily be extended to any length required.

How many waste outlets will I need

The answer will depend on the size of the plumbing, the waste outlets you are using (we recommend 3in/80mm), whether the application is indoor or outdoor and the location of the installation (outdoor weather exposure, heavy rain).

If in doubt, contact your local plumber for an accurate recommendation based on your state/territory laws and application type.