Lauxes Grates in the Residential Sector

Is it time to update your existing property or maybe you’re amid planning your dream home? Let Lauxes Grates provide you with elegant yet durable drainage solutions. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, our grates are designed and manufactured to last the elements and handle all amounts of wastewater.

With multiple styles and colors available, including standard and tile insert, there’s a grate to suit every home or apartment! Whether your pool area is susceptible to splashing kids or rather you need a classy shower drain, Lauxes Grates are here to provide a stylish solution.

Linear grates are exactly how they sound, a narrow rectangular drain that offers superior drainage while providing a contemporary and minimal feature for your home. Featured in many residential properties worldwide, customers are always excited about how simple our grates are to use. Easy to customize and install, our grates provide easy work for your contractors. Made with anodized aluminum, all Lauxes grates and accessories are made to last, with a lifetime rust-proof warranty issued with each grate.

Make a ‘grate’ choice – use Lauxes Grates for your residential project.

From patios

Corrosion and resistant-free, our grates are perfect for controlling that around pool splashing! Our grates are suitable for salt water or chlorine pools. Whatever your tile or paver, our variety of grates will blend seamlessly, providing you with that all important drainage. Not only will your grates look the part, but they’ll also do their job for years to come.

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to long balconies

From balconies to bathrooms, Lauxes Grates has you covered with our award-winning linear grates. Providing homes with drainage solutions that are aesthetic and successful, our grates are featured in thousands of properties. Whether you’ve got a modern-day Hamptons abode, a Bali-chic villa or rather a barn style farmhouse, our grates will serve as a practical feature.

Balcony Grate

Frequently asked Q&A's

Can I install a Lauxes Grate next to or right up against the wall?

We recommend allowing a slight gap rather than right up against the wall.

What type of silicon do you need to use?

We recommend the use of a neutral cure silicone.

Can I use Lauxes Grates for zero threshold doorways?

Yes, you certainly can. There are several zero threshold system options available in the market, so ensure you make extra allowances if your system requires water to travel under the grate.

Is it easy to install a balcony grate?

Yes, very easy. We found that many of our customers favor the low-profile grates, such as the NXT14, as it requires no bedding and the fall can be made easily with glue.