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Feature Videos

Welcome to Lauxes Grates!

Pre Installation

Can you use a Lauxes grate outside?

Could Salt Water and Chlorine Corrode My Grate

How to install a Lauxes grate into a timber floor

Water flow of a Lauxes grate

How much weight can a Lauxes Grate take?

Zero Threshold Doorways

During Installation

Importance of using a template when installing a Lauxes linear floor grate

How much gap is required under grate?

See how quick and easy it is to cut Lauxes grate

How to cut a corner piece using a drop saw

How to drill a hole for pop waste

Adding silicone to your end caps, waste and joins

Sealing end caps

Importance of Using a Level

What happens if the silicone breaks down?

Protecting your Lauxes grate during installation

Do you need to use bedding with the new NeXT Generation 14 (NXT14)?

Cutting Top Tray


Next Generation 14 (NXT14)

Next Generation 26 (NXT26)